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Are you O.K.? Would anyone know by looking at you?

There wee so many people…that no one would know…by looking at them…that their lives are in turmoil. I don’t mean that they have everyday, average problems…I mean, their lives are absolute nightmares.

I don’t care about the ones who are abusing others and are having to keep their dirty little secrets, Manfred Kammerer!!!!! I am talking about the ones who have been abused…to the extent…that they shouldn’t even be able to stand.

Well, I AM FIGURING OUT ONE THING. BE CAREFUL OF WHO YOU TELL WHAT. There are people on the other side of the fence….that are supposed to be here to help you…and maybe they are….But, when it all comes out…you have no control over anything! Don’t talk to anyone who cannot relate to you. Most people just don’t get it. Some people can flat out RELATE….it’s a gift. Whatever you say, understand that everyone perceives everything differently. They may not hear what you are trying to say! It will cost you, in the end.
Is that why people don’t speak up? Is it that they are embarrassed…or, is it…once its out of the bag, there is no turning back.

We are not supposed to hurt. We are not supposed to suffer. Where is the justice? Or is it really gone, as we know it?

So, the tree only makes a sound, in the forest, if someone is in the forest and actually hears it?

That doesn’t make any sense. If no one says anything, people will be allowed to get away with murder. Maybe there isn’t enough to catch the murderer, this time. But, if the person is accused again…isn’t it in their records? Look, if you keep another person’s dirty secret……that secret could  cause you so much turmoil….that living with it seems impossible. Or, you could very well get killed by the person you snitched on.  Always know…if you aren’t willing to help…who in the Hell is going to help you!

Look, I understand. People like Manfred Kammerer have connections. Sometimes, rape charges turn into Harassment charges, unbeknownst to us! It doesn’t matter. If anyone else, ever files ANY sort of complaint…against Manfred Kammerer or his company, again…there will be HELL to pay…for the person who doesn’t take the complaint seriously.

For the 30 years Manfred Kammerer has been in business…he has been raping his customers, his employees and his vendors. Chances are….he didn’t start this after he opened his own business…he has been doing it all along. Remember, back in the day…paper trails had a way of disappearing. Now, not so much!

Don’t land in my shoes…especially if you don’t have a voice. Speak up. Speak out. Chances are, not only are you saving your own life….You are saving many!

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