Classic Collision Atlanta #400 Baby!

Posted on 30. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Ha! Someone wants to accuse me of doing things that I don’t do anymore! No, I’m not perfect and I still make mistakes. But, lets face it…was any of that stuff really any fun?

If  I had a dollar for everything I shouldn’t have done…and topped it off with another dollar for everything I had to remember when I came to….Yish!

He is going to keep pushing me until I have nothing left..and I mean, nothing. But, then…I will have everything that he has mean for me to have. I guess if things were easy…there would be no journey. Lets face it…..when we were young, all we wanted to do was GET THERE! As we get older, the journey is the ULTIMATE!

I have one thing left, to kick…and this isn’t something that I have been doing to make myself feel good or I’m just being because I can. It s means of survival…food, clothing, shelter, etc. But, its still wrong,  nonetheless. Lets face it…there’s no gratification in this bondage…The chains never come off . It feels like  you are constantly being raped by someone you know very well and despise….

Gee, that’s something I don’t care to relive…..

That is why we experience and witness things in life. If we think its going to work out differently in another situation or because it happened to someone else…we are kidding ourselves. A tapeworm wont stop because you want him to…he will keep eating, until there is nothing left!

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