Classic Collision Atlanta #437

Posted on 24. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I Googled the word, Academia, today. It means a  community of students and scholars engaged in higher education and research. Before I knew it, this word had transcended even further…to Etymology, AkademosAthens, olive grove,  PlatoAthena, Old Academy…all to leading  back to….17th century, British and French scholars used the term to describe types of institutions of higher learning.

I took a magic carpet ride….in a matter of moments….hoping that this magic carpet ride would take me to a higher place, of learning…not misery and pain…in a positive direction…and hopefully retrain my brain. It was brought to my attention today…that this its an extremely visible affliction…visible to anyone with a heart and soul….tattooed over my face, if you will…causing severe visible distress. Therefore, were gonna make it rock in a different direction…and see what happens…

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