Classic Collision Atlanta #450

Posted on 11. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It never fails. There are times when everything that you’ve been through….comes back to tear you down…as if you never even started the race. You could have run six times around the track….nearing the finish line, once and for all…and all of the misery and pain…comes back to haunt you….like it happened yesterday. I know exactly where I am going and I know what I am doing,

The hardest part is…Constant reminders are great…. I need to be reminded of who I used to be, so that I don’t repeat my same behavior. The Devil trying to convince you that you are a piece of garbage….27 million times a day…is enough to want to make you give it all up and go back to your old ways. Fortunately, for some of us, that isn’t an option for some of…which lead me to the following story…

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