Classic Collision Atlanta #452

Posted on 09. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I’m tired of hearing about forgiving the bad guys. I heard a BIG speech, the other day, on the radio….again! The bad guys are apologizing because they got caught! Someone stated the other day…that it wouldn’t come out of your mouth…if it wasn’t in your heart. Does anyone see Manfred Kammerer trying to right what he did wrong, to me and everyone else? Nope! But, you can bet your sweet ass, the minute Manfred gets busted…he’ll be shedding the tears of a clown…while plotting revenge on THAT BITCH! Of course someone…especially a male…is going to apologize, when it will might him his career…especially when several of them make millions! I say…make them pay a huge fine to those that they wronged! I’ve never seen a male as sorry as when it costs him money! Can I get an AMEN!

Granted, this radio station does a lot for people in need…and I do mean A LOT! Bit, stop it, already. A wealthy person has the means to survive what they have done. Many of them have had legal options around them…for a very long time…and they are covered six ways to Sunday….when it comes surviving a hit. Many of the victims that I have seen…who cares what they have. The damages caused by their abuse…are often so horrific…and they are so screwed up…that they couldn’t see their way out a paper bag…much less what their options might be!

Let the monsters take care of themselves! Take care of the wounded!

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