Classic Collision Atlanta #453

Posted on 08. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Ironically, this topic came up  on a very special day! There are times that I write, for hours on end. Sure, there are things that I have said before. Sure there are things that don’t make sense. Sure, some things seem like they are NEVER going to get better.

You have a choice…to roll over and die or…to keep moving on!

Erase it and start all over! This has been going on for years. It went on for years! I find it amusing. People seem to have this measurement of how long it should take for a person to “Get Over” something! Well, when I first started writing…I think I was only writing about the topic at hand. Now, here it is….8/13/13…and I cannot keep up with what I am doing. That’s pretty awesome. They help you survive the weeks that are mortal Hell. I had the best birthday I have ever had, in my life…one week ago, This entire week, the Devil has torn my ass to shreds. He doesn’t want me to forget about what this asshole has done to me. Then again, it just may be God. God doesn’t want me to get over it. That will not make me stronger.

Whatever your goals may be…just get there when you can.

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