Classic Collision Atlanta #455

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I bet Writing me up sounds like a million dollar idea, daily…doesn’t it! Life is should of Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda’s, isn’t it! Manfred, you should have reprimanded me and the person I had an affair with and left it at that! Not, rape me and fire the manager twice, rehire him two more times….and use him to obtain dirt on me and bully me over the Internet.

I have been watching a series, lately. One of the characters is a big monster. His opposing attorney cleaned his clock. Shortly after that, one on the victims…was called on for  informing the monster about the case…and was asked to resign or be prosecuted. This man lost out on millions and, the wealthy monster…who he was in forming…who promised to take care of him, in exchange for information…..pulled a Manfred! In other words, I do not recall him receiving a dime, for inside information.

Manfred, I told you before….I’ve had better sex than you and everyone you know, put together…and none of this crap is worth any piece of ass that I have ever had!

This character, in the series, that I mentioned earlier….the man who lost out on his settlement…shot the monster. The monster turned over a new leaf. But, its funny, every time his past comes to haunt him, he quickly turns into his old self. Then, one day…he is turned in…. by a male(former cop) who the monster had dirt on. The monster hired a cop to kill someone. Eventually, he was to kill the spouse of the victim….who the former cop was hired to befriend and kill. Yet, the former cop fell in love with his prey. He continuously asked to be taken off the “hit”…the dirty cop wouldn’t listen. Eventually, the former cop killed the dirty cop and the monster figured it out. The monster threatened to squeal in the former cop, when confronted by him….as he was about to blow the whistle on him. Now, remember…the monster arranged the hit, of the spouse, that the former cope fell in love with!

Wanna know how it all ended? The monster got into his vehicle one day and the former cop was sitting in his back seat with a gun. Of course, the monster started to whine and cry…and go on about how he’d turned over a new leaf and that he was sorry. The former cop called the police and confessed to the monster’s crime and his!

Any of this sound familiar, Manfred? You don’t think you will get caught but, you will! Someone will not be able to stomach your rotten garbage! Not everyone can live in your skin, forever. They have to confess! They will take you with them! After all, there would be no crimeS here, if it wasn’t for you!

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