Classic Collision Atlanta #456

Posted on 06. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Have you ever heard a phrase before? A phrase, or statement, for that matter…that was made in your presence, or amongst others, on a TV show or in a movie…Then, it all makes sense. Its like a stranger is reading you, without even having met you or even set eyes on you, for that matter.

He asked her to say something. In her reply, she stated that men have been making passes at her since before it was appropriate. They never listen to anything she says…they just watch her lips move.

Sometimes, we may hear something several times…within a certain time period. I heard that statement months ago. I heard it yesterday. It sounded awful, the first time I heard it. I think

its because it was more awful hearing it from someone else. It was bad enough that I’ve felt that way, about the way that I have been treated and people don’t want to believe it……although they are in the midst of doing the same thing to me, in a different shade of gray.

See, there’s proof that it has happened to others. How do you deny that?

View it. Then, tell me I’m wrong!

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