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Posted on 01. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


The cost to prosecute.  Why would you prosecute over $1k and not $250…and why not me? I asked this question, sometime back….and, coincidently…I ran into someone in a department store the other day….and, Whalaa!

How is it, that someone I know…ended up in the exact same position as Manfred did…some years ago. I don’t know this for a fact…the amount, that is….but, I was told by a higher up that one of Classic Collision’s office managers had embezzled $250. This was done by a female and the female was forced to pay the money back but, not prosecuted. However, a male that stole $1k, was prosecuted and forced to pay the money back. I was told that they had no proof on the guy. A manager told me otherwise. O.K. Well, then female was definitely caught too…why wasn’t she prosecuted?

That’s not the full story here!

When I asked my friend why he chose not to prosecute the person who embezzled $250 from him…it lead to another $10k to prosecute, etc.

I’m no attorney. I don’t know what it costs to prosecute people….

Let’s say that it costs $5k. Why prosecute a person over $1k and not $250k?

It’s a wonderful thing…when people confirm your assumptions! I don’t mind making an ass out of myself, at the expense of Manfred Kammerer. Another skeleton out of the closet. Maybe this one can finally rest in peace.

Obviously, things don’t always take place, as we think they would. Obviously, a person has to report a crime…in order for prosecution to take place. But, you do have to report a person….and, it appears that it will cost , even the person who was wronged. But, why not turn in a person who has stolen more?

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