Classic Collision Atlanta #468

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Yancey Lirette

Shared publicly – Oct 30, 2012

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Yancey Lirette

Works at Prostitutes R Us

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I thank the Lord for surviving me of all that he has. My LIFE has blossomed here recently because, I made a decidion to stand and defend myself against a SEXUAL PREDATOR. I plan on devoting the rest of my life to helping others. This I believe, is the reason that I am still alive today.Not many people experienced what I have and live long enough to turn their lives around. I pray that those I have harmed know that prevention is my main priority. I have spent much of my life incapable of behaving in a manner that was suitable in everyday society; therefore, I must give back. Now I know better! Before, I didn’t. The things that have happened to me should not exist but, they do…so brown my nose.

Manfred, you just added more gasoline to the fire! The sad thing is, what I have done won’t and can’t compare to what is going to happen to you. This is going to bite you on the —, so hard….that you will wish its what you will get for hurting me. I’m talking about the Internet stuff. You will suffer a huge loss and it will be because you handled this like you do, everything else! I only wish that I could be there when it happens. Rape, and your buddy helping you at the police department…will simply be the icing on the cake. You say that you don’t care for sweets…you better develop an appetite! Every time you eat one piece, you will be served another cake. It will never end. Your conscience will come alive…the one that you have buried, since God only knows when. You will spend the rest of your days, reliving the Hell that you have bestowed on everyone, in ten fold…and there will be no escape for you. You are OLD and the older you get, the closer you get to meeting your maker. That’s when, you can barely run any longer and you can’t hide as well as you think you could!

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