Classic Collision Atlanta #480

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I guess I’m not good at reading signals, after all. One day, someone asked me if I knew when I was flirting with men. I said that….. I ASSUMED IT WAS WHEN I WAS SITING IN THEIR LAPS AND TELLING THEM THAT I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM.

Why do I have to watch my behavior,  when I’m just being nice? Shouldn’t the sickos have to curtail theirs????

I have about as much use for males, as they do for me…and that’s not right. So, I don’t flirt because, I don’t have anything to offer them. Its just best that I stay away. I’m not about to lie to anyone about what’s going on in my life and telling men that you have been raped, doesn’t make them go away. Nine out of every ten of the males that I have told that I have been raped…..hoping it will get them to go away faster…they hit on me faster!

Who knew that lunch meant sex….

OMG, Manfred does. But, I thought that was only because he is a —- bag. Is it that way with all males?

I asked a salesman if I could buy them lunch. I was being a pain in the ass. Not intentionally. I didn’t have the correct item number for the item I needed to purchase .The items were custom made, couldn’t be returned, it wasn’t my money being spent and the store kept getting busier! Then, I proceeded to tell him that Id be happy to go out and pick up something for him.

How does that translate into…“ I want to go somewhere and have sex with you? I was walked to my car, given his card and told several times to call him.

Pay attention dumb asses…May I buy you a sandwich means….MAY I BUY YOU A SANDWICH>>>>THAT IS IT! I want to have sex with you, means I want to have sex with you. NO, means NO! Stop reading into it, WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF IT…NOT WHAT IT REALLY IS!

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