Classic Collision Atlanta #516

Posted on 08. Feb, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


So, there is a general consensus going on. You are not supposed to tell people things. That is why they treat you like a weirdo, when you do. What about informing others of existing damage? Oh, that’s when people…such as salesmen…call consumers liars, when they don’t! Is it that or do you make yourself way too vulnerable? Then people know all of your secrets and can stick you where it hurts?

First of all, every time you say or think something kooky about someone else…you should take a big fat look at yourself, as well! That’s why we are still having problems here….aren’t we, Manfred!

You have said things about me that would offend the Hell out of most people,. Not me. Some of them are true. I have a problem with you using other people to attack me and spread lies. That’s O.K. You can’t protect them all, in the end…and they are going to be begging you for protection…and they won’t get it! Isn’t that right! You wanna know why? NONE of these people, that you have used, one would have any reason to attack me. So, you dragged them into all of this. The fact that you will deny everything…wont help me. I don’t give a shit about you or them. They will get blindsided in life, soon enough…by something so awful…that they will be begging God to help them. Well, they need to stick with Satan/you…the exact same force that they turned to, to get them into this mess!

So, this has been the tip of the ice berg. All that has been discovered…has been comparable to the free edge of the nail vs. the entire nail bed and the free edge combined.

Manfred, you were warned, previously. Then, it was yelled and screamed to you throughout this entire ordeal!

I just thought of something. Can you imagine what would have happened, had you just left me alone…when I told you NO, from the get go….back in October 2006? Can you imagine had you left me alone…when I was picketing, in February 2012? You can take 4/21/13, the day you stopped torturing me….and shove it up your ass! The damage is done. There is no turning back. Fantasize all you like! I’m sure that you are walking around…acting as if you have done NOTHING…that I should just GET OVER IT….ands all of this will just simply go away!

YOU AND YOUR SON WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME!…and when I say “PAY,” don’t you wish that you could buy your way out of this one!

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