Classic Collision Atlanta #521

Posted on 03. Feb, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Now I get it…pick on someone who is crazy so that you can add some excitement to your life. Can’t you go on a vacation or buy yourself a new home….

Why would you want someone who thinks that you are disgusting and has no respect for you as a person? We’re not talking about someone who doesn’t like the way you dress or maybe the same art. We’re talking about someone who nearly vomits when you enter the room. Someone who thinks you aren’t fit to reproduce.

How could you get off on raping or convincing yourself that you seduced someone who thinks that you are repulsive? How does that make you feel like a man? I’m sure you’ve been through this hundreds of times. Is that why you are so hateful? You have to force yourself on a female…then, when you’re done with her…she is eventually bribed or threatened…..being forced to live with what you’ve done. Then, you have to face the reality that she wouldn’t vomit on you, if you were on fire…only because you have no other use for her as a Human Being, to begin with…and she knows it…..and wants to stay as far the Hell away from you as possible….

You’d think this would have gotten old for you., years ago….

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