Classic Collision Atlanta #526

Posted on 29. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I get it. Do it their way and you won’t feel anything. You’ll be a zombie! But then, you’ll just coexist. I noticed, the other day…that since I am constantly being called things…it would almost intensify that behavior. Or was it there all along and I just didn’t notice it because, I was out to lunch? Either way, its been there for a long, long time. Too bad people don’t have A BETTER WAY OF EXPLAINING TO OTHERS…THAT THEY MIGHT WANT TO WORK ON THEIR ISSUES…IN A WAY THAT MAKES THEM UNDERSTAND, THAT THEY ARE SIMPLY MAKING AN INVESTMENT IN THEIR FUTUIRE.

Even worse…I see now why most people choose not to get help. I’ve seen more Fucked up people…with clip boards…making life altering decisions…for others…who ere qualified on paper, only. I used to say that I’d only rather go to a doctor who has been through what I have been through….and I AM TOTALLY RIGHT.  Think about it. Can a person who hasn’t had bulimia… a better help top bulimics, than a former bulimic. I think that’s its possible but, very dangerous.

Either way…as I’ve said that burying things alive…doesn’t mean that they die. Medication is just a slow death.

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