Classic Collision Atlanta #527

Posted on 28. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


If you would see the notes that I made for this session, alone…you would worry.

Manfred Kammerer doesn’t have a conscience…or, he may have what’s left of one. It would have to be detected using special equipment….that’s why I worry.

His level of unconsciousness will supersede my level of concern. I think that he lies, so much…that’s he knows what the truth is but, he could convince a lie detector that he is telling the truth.

I reviewed my notes on Sociopaths, the other day. Freakin’ scary!

No regard for others got you where you are, Manfred Kammerer.  It will also allow you to finish me off. You care more about money than people. So, you would have me killed to save your fortune!

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