Classic Collision Atlanta #529

Posted on 26. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


To sleep late. What a treat. Exactly what is it…that I do…that would warrant my needing sooooooo much rest? Well, you’d have to ask my Psychologist. Oops…but, wait, you can’t! I have given this person permission to mention…what is necessary…when the time comes. Most people would never do that. Why? I have been told by many medical professionals that a doctor’s testimony can be a disadvantage, in court. Attorneys care about winning and losing, not the truth. So, knowing that it won’t work out to my advantage…why would I give him permission to speak? God is running this show. There is no winning or losing with God. There is Heaven and Hell. Take your pick, Manfred. We know what God is interested in!

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