Classic Collision Atlanta #540

Posted on 15. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I want this shit to go away and it wont. Its all I think about. I can’t talk about it as much anymore. Therefore, my insides are crumbling. People agree that you are not going away…but, at face value, they wonder why I cant just let it go and move on!

That means that everyone knows that you will hurt me…but, I should live my life until dooms day???? Hell no….and allow you to do this to someone else? Not on my watch. Yes, I know, you are probably doing it to someone else….as we speak. Not for long. Enjoy iyt while it lasts…you creepy old molester!

This is what happens to victims. There are people suffering all over the place. They have voices that are going unheard. They are dying inside because of what others have done to them.

End all, end all…for society to turn around and call them crazy. What about the people that did this to them!!!

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