Classic Collision Atlanta #544

Posted on 11. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


How do I get people to understand that when I am discussing something, that doesn’t mean that it applies to them? I generally mention things…probably…because I see that I have issues with the way some things happen….and maybe, I need assistance on working the situation…or, I need to warn them of what I am going through and that they need to get out of my space. There are certain things, about us, individually….that will never change. There are things about ourselves…that we love…that get us into trouble…but, make us who we are…and no matter how many times we get used, abused and hurt, we aren’t going to change our behavior. Do we need to be more selective about the receivers in our lives? Of course. Everyone is in a different phase in their lives. Not everyone is evil, either…just because…in that moment…they made a bad choice. We have to be as accepting of others behavior, as we are of our own…as long as they are trying to make progress.

Careful, though…there are those that are in it…for what they can get out of it…and that’s it. In fact, the more they can steal from you, the better. That’s just the way they are. I have to accept that…and they have to accept that, they just might —- with the wrong person at the wrong time…and you may have no idea…no control, over the outcome.

Its never about what you did to another person, at that moment…its about what it did to them, after!

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