Classic Collision Atlanta #545

Posted on 10. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Maybe it was just a reminder of all of the sick games I’ve been exposed to….

It doesn’t matter how they behave, what they do…and their exit strategy. Their behavior is always turned around on us. Well, this time…I played the game too. I twisted and turned…I even threw it right back into his face. I let him have it. Then, I really let him have it….

The dream I just had….it was about the games people play with one another. I noticed…right off the bat…that everything had been established in the beginning. Then, one person had to turn everything into a sick, twisted, mind fuck. But, the female who was being exposed to the behavior…had already been there, way too many times.

Why couldn’t the male state what was obvious and be done with it?

Its like buying a car…and everything that goes into it. In the end, you will either have paid attention to what you needed in a vehicle…and you will get it…or, you wont. Or, maybe all of the excitement will have been in the high…and by the time you are sucked in…..all of the haggling and heartache wont matter as much…because, you were toast once they began selling to you!!!!

You see, if we see things for what they really are…in the beginning, chances are…we will walk away. That’s why they’re all salesman. To them, it doesn’t matter if you were just looking, if they have what we need or, if we can afford it….for that matter! And No doesn’t appear to exist in their vocabulary, either. Its all about what they want to sell you and how much they can get out of you, for it!

Gee, I guess when what you’re selling is that pathetic, you’ve gotta rape people to get what you want.

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