Classic Collision Atlanta #548

Posted on 07. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I’m getting it now! People believe that you shouldn’t burn bridges and that you should always behave in a certain manner…maybe, a respectable one???

So, if I pretend that we’re cool and we’re not…what does that say about me?

Sorry, I don’t have a good game face. Besides, I haven’t met many people who behave cordially…which is what you’re supposed to do, correct!!! Most people act like a person’s buddy and pal, to their face…..then, they talk —- about them, behind their backs….after they leave.  That’s not being respectful, that’s being two faced. I’d rather people know exactly what they are dealing with. Then, they cant use the excuse, when their bad behavior bites them on the hiney!

You can delude yourself into thinking that things are great and I’m not that bothered by what you did to me. That only makes it worse…. when the Bell Tolls. Nope, you need to know that —- is as bad as you think it is and I don’t “Need” friends who think its OK to screw me…and nothing will change, until you do right by me. The same goes for me! Don’t let anyone off easy. You’re not doing anyone any favors…if you don’t hold them responsible for their actions!

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