Classic Collision Atlanta #555

Posted on 01. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I will not mention the news, again …unless it is mentioned a post that was already written. Sometimes…they are written months in advance.

Manfred. I will kill this or it will kill me. I gave you the option. I told you that God told me to stop fucking married men, that it could kill me. Seeing is believing. Do you believe me now? You disobeyed Gods orders when you raped me. Now, you get to deal with him!

No one knows what I’m going to do and no one knows when. He’ll tell me when the time is right. Until then, I have to fulfill the promises that I have made. Do to my train wreck of a youth…I wasn’t the greatest at  completing anything. I want to be remembered as the person who died trying. I have no plans of taking my own life. I do know that I spend five days out of seven, wishing that I was dead….because I cant get this to go away. Its not supposed to….I’m supposed to help others who are suffering. Before that can happen, I have to make my situation public. The world has no clue what PTSD does to rape victims. The rape is public…then, they seems to disappear! I will live my lie to the fullest…until you have me killed.

You will never do this to anyone , again!

You fucked with the wrong person. This year is my year. Hear me roar. My cries will be heard round the world. Then, I can move on with my life….whatever life I may have left.

God will use me for what he placed me on Earth for…to scare the shit out of every man who is abusing women, in this city…maybe even this country!

To everyone out there….Have a Happy New Year! Straighten up now. The longer you wait….the more difficult it is to right your wrongs!   We’re not supposed to struggle but, we do….but, we can make it better! We can have better lives….or die trying!

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