Classic Collision Atlanta #569

Posted on 19. Dec, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Feeling possessed by the Devil…..

I recently began having some rather extensive dental work performed.

Just when I thought I should be feeling better, I began to feel worse. For an entire week, I felt like the living dead. Then, one morning…I woke up and 80% of my pain had disappeared. End all, end all…I only slept three full  nights, in a period of two weeks.

I not only had the dental work performed…but, I had a visitor that week and I was getting a sore throat.

I was just asking myself…..why aren’t more women aren’t involved in lawmaking, regarding sex crimes? Why do males get to judge things they’ll never understand?

We are made fun of constantly…and I will tell you that I wouldn’t wish some of what we experience on anyone but, seriously…How can a male be allowed to decide the punishment of a crime he could never comprehend?

I could see a judge deciding DUI cases, after having been incapacitated in a drunk driving accident. But, how can a male decide punishment for rape, when he is the one committing the crime? He’ll never understand.

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