Classic Collision Atlanta #573

Posted on 16. Dec, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


This was insane. Everything was so very chaotic. It was like we picked up right where we left off. It was nearly 15+ years ago but, we were our ages. I could barely remember any of it. I had to force myself to recall the entire story, once I woke up.

I left at one point and I came back. Then, when I came back, we all picked up where we left of…as if nothing ever happened. Then, I left again…years later, she died. She used to come to me in my dreams…all of the time…and it freaked me out. She’d appear as if nothing had ever happened, Then, friends of mine had recorded monks chanting in their home. A priest came in and had revealed that a woman had died in that home, in her sleep and her soul didn’t know that it was time to go home. After the priest visited, the chants went away. I kind of figured that maybe that’s why she kept visiting me. She died when her and her fiancé drove over a median, into oncoming traffic and ran into the gas tank of a semi. She was ejected from the car, hit the concrete and died on impact. It was the worst gasoline fire Dallas, TX had ever seen. She visited me often. Then , one day, I told her what had happened and it was time to go home. She stopped visiting me. That was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1998. Now, she’s back…..and the dreams all have the same core content but, vary…

What could this mean?



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