Classic Collision Atlanta #593

Posted on 27. Nov, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Make your jokes, all you like. If the sick bastard…Manfred’s crony….is still on his staff…

Lets face it, something very bad happened to him too!

A FRIEND OF MINE’S FATHER PASSED. Its so difficult for me to understand. All I can say to him is…”Don’t ever forget how fortunate you are..:” I see all of the screw ups in the world. Have you noticed that the people who are the most well adjusted and happy…have to great parents. Or, if one is bad…the other is totally amazing.

Shut up Manfred! You had parents and look how you turned out. What’s your excuse. No one likes you or envies you as a Human Being No one thinks to themselves….”I wish I had a family like his!” I’m making that statement in return for all of the bitch ass comments you had your cronies make for you.

Try to be the best parent that you can. This world is a tough place. If you aren’t careful….there are too many Manfreds…waiting in the wings…ready to tell your children…whatever they want to hear…to get what he wants from them. Then, before they know it…they’re young adults…doing the same thing all over again.

I love watching parents getting worn out with their children…behave as they did…and expecting them to do differently.

Everything we do…comes back to haunt us…at sometime or another….

It never goes away!


I’m the perfect example of what poor parenting produces. Lets face it, one parent can only do so much…on their own…

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