Classic Collision Atlanta #599

Posted on 21. Nov, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had a doctor tell me… the beginning of December 21013…that I needed to do all of these things: take care of my situation, legally; get an attorney; bring Manfred to justice, etc…..because if I don’t I would end up killing myself.

How could a medical professional know….after speaking to me, for about fifteen minutes or so….see that I am at the point of a total meltdown!!!! The first thing out of his mouth was PTSD. The advice was useless to me. I just love it when males try to give rape victims, advice…its almost humorous. After a while, I finally told him that I’d be happy to call an attorney…if he knew on that would help me. Its kind of hard to get anything going…when the male who raped you…has the police department in his back pocket.

People just need to shut up and realize that unless it happens to them…they need to listen to what happened…then , give me advice on how to proceed.

How can a male….who has never been raped…give a female, who has been raped…advice based upon his capabilities!

Better to wake up when you’re younger and realize that you don’t know everything, than later!

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