Classic Collision Atlanta #606

Posted on 14. Nov, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I have witnessed someone suffering…and it is scary. I don’t know everything about their background….to make a judgment call but, I know enough! It is scary. I can’t figure out if its PTSD or Roid Rage. But, its enough to make you run for cover!

I will say that I tell just about everyone who will listen…what is wrong with me. Why? People need to know what they are dealing with. Everyone is walking around like they are perfect and self medicating behind closed doors. Then, we see that there has been another shooting, on the television. I have a lot wrong with me. I think that people can work together, better, if they understand what they are dealing with…also, you have been warned.

Example: males who take advantage of females…who know that they have been abused…and still abuse them, further….They know better. I think God kicks your — 10 times harder, when he knows…that what you are doing about to push someone further, over the edge…and you do nothing!!!!!

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