Classic Collision Atlanta #609

Posted on 11. Nov, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What are you going to do…when you accuse me of partying like a Rock Star and being a Dirty Rotten Whore…and I say…..“Not Anymore!”

That gave you an excuse to RAPE me?!?!? You are a married man who is molesting his employees…..and mentally disabled, at that!  Hey, I was already so far gone…what’s one more, right!

No! I said NO, Manfred. There’s nothing you can say or do that will destroy me. I’m already dead! I have the truth on my side. My truth is glory, granted…… But, I have nothing to hide.

What will destroy me is…allowing you to continue to do this to others. The TMJ and PTSD have been most horrifying things I can recall. When you were present…there was reason for insanity. Now, I’m being tortured by a ghost…..your ghost…the one that is counting the moments…

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