Classic Collision Atlanta #626

Posted on 25. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I seriously was going to try to stop writing, at the beginning g of the New Year. Then, I met someone…and I felt as if he was telling me, my story, from his perspective. But, it wasn’t my story, it was his. There were so many similarities. I asked him if he contacted the proper party…in certain situations….he didn’t know that there was anyone to help him. Sound familiar?

How many managers and company owners will inform employees of their rights…when they

are being abused by management or the owner of the company? People who have been around things for a while, generally assume that everyone else know what they know. Its like when people think that everyone in this country has the same opportunities. That is crap! I should have used the word ASSUME…because that’s all it is!

Anyway, he gave me the courage to continue to stand up for what I believe in….

I believe in people like him….

I believe in people like me…..

I believe in helping those…who don’t know…and who haven’t been heard…

Everyone deserves to be heard!

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