Classic Collision Atlanta #639

Posted on 12. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


We were discussing NOT using the terms, “Always” and “Never”…

They are trouble makers.

I NEVER thought I’d live long enough to say,

“I have been clean for ten years!”

So, Manfred…that’s another rabbit you won’t be able to pull out of your hat.

I also discovered that I am not an addict. I do not struggle with temptation. How can I? All I see is how it ruins lives!

I have conversations with all age ranges. I am convinced of something…

Older people didn’t have options. Middle aged people are very confused about what is acceptable and what is not because, their parents “Didn’t have options.“ People my age abused things because their parents weren’t allowed to acknowledge anything. Now, they only way most people know how to deal with anything is….Pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are O.K., as long a someone is getting rich off of them. ….People who work for the drug companies, people who own stock in the drug companies, attorneys who

Pharmaceuticals usually aren’t O.K. because, no one likes to have to admit that they have a problem.

I had one parent that wanted to address everything and one that wanted to deny everything. What do you do? I tried everything I could….

It turns out….getting my ass kicked by God and Therapy are what works for me…

Why does society think that it needs to tell me how to run my life…when it cant gets its act together!!!!

defend drug dealers or pharmaceutical companies. Who cares about what’s right or wrong…its all about prophet!


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