Classic Collision Atlanta #659

Posted on 22. Sep, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Months ago, I began watching Breaking Bad, again. I remembered the first time I began to watch it. I couldn’t get anything done. I kept going back to the screen, to see what would happen next.

This time around, it hasn’t been like Mad Men or Damages…where I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it…and feel as if I could watch it, yet another time….and still miss parts of the story.

So, am I crazy for having seen a lot of this stuff and many other people haven’t or is it really better that they don’t understand that it really exists?

I watched the part where the Chemist allowed the girl to O.D. I LOOKED AT EVERYTHING PRIOR TO THAT TOO. Its pretty scary stuff. You could be on track, with your life, for quite sometime. Then, out of nowhere, your life is swept out from under you…like a rug. Funny how one person survived and the other one, who had everything in the world going for them, before they began using again…DIED. Then, the one who was on the fast track to nowhere, who had everything going for them…but, just couldn’t seem to get back on track, for five minutes…SURVIVED!

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