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Posted on 13. Aug, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Don’t you just hate it…when you catch someone in several lies….

Then, you put all of the puzzle pieces together….and you have to expose them..

I personally don’t care if people don’t do what they are supposed to do…

Their going to Hell is their business…

Then again…people couldn’t get as far with you, if they were honest with you, about what they’re about to do to you either…would they?!?!

I guess I understand lying when you absolutely have no other choice….say, if its life or death. Nah, that’s not O.K. either! Think about it…How many people do you know…that go around lying…that do not tolerate liars, themselves!!!!

Look at all of the people that lie when they get caught…then, they lie on the stand…and before you know it…they are seen being toted off to jail, in handcuffs or punished for the crimes they lied about committing.

Maybe say NOTHING or plead the fifth!

To go around lying… its a part of your everyday conversation..

If you’d lie about others…you’re probably lying about me…

And anything and everything…just to make yourself look good…

Gotta go!

No one is impressed. They’re just trying to keep their jobs or riding the gravy train until it runs dry!

When you’re younger, you may not pay as much attention to those who are around you! Good times and popularity are what its all about. If most of those people wouldn’t stick by you through thick and thin, are only telling you what you want to hear…as long as the good times keep rolling and would throw you under the bus… soon as something better comes along…

Good luck with the sham….


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