Classic Collision Atlanta #702

Posted on 11. Aug, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Yesterday, I had one of the worst meltdowns I’d ever had…in my life. It was the second time I have had this kind of meltdown. It’s the kind of meltdown…where you have to make a decision. You have to prepare to knock this thing out of the park…once and for all…or its going to kill you. Your body can only handle so much stress…and eventually, that stress can kill you.

Manfred, this is kill or be killed. I’m going to slaughter this demon, once and for all! I hope you are reading this. Had you kept your dick in your pants…none of this would have happened! I pick…putting and end to your crime spree. If what you have done to me…has nearly caused my demise…I can’t imagine the damage you’ve done to others.

God, I’m ready to accept the consequences of my actions!

Had Classic Collision’s Management protected me, I wouldn’t be writing about this. Had the police done their jobs….

So, I’ve got to do this myself.

Manfred Kammerer, you will NEVR put your hands on another female again…without her running your credit card number, first or, you paying her what your wife would receive for such favors. Keep your hands to yourself, stop abusing your employees and quit committing crime!

I hate your fucking guts. All I ask now…is that God take this hatred out of my heart. You aren’t worth the space you’re consuming.

I have lost OVER seven years of my life! God has told me that this will consume ten. Call me a drug addict. Call me a whore. Call me a CRAZY FUCKING BITCH…as you refer to many, many females. You are SEXUAL PREDATOR who preys on females who are destitute! What a stud…you cant get a piece off ass unless a female is a mental cripple or under the influence!!!!! You are making these accusations about the females you abuse!

I was Sexually Harassed, Brainwashed, Raped, Mental Abused, Threatened and Cyber Bullied. I have suffered mentally, physically and financially from this. I have Crippling Back Pain, was accepted for disability the first time around(literally impossible), bathe with undergarments on, PTSD, TMJ, and have gone into borderline isolation.

I begged you to leave me alone. I warned you. I couldn’t afford anymore Hell in my life.

I keep telling males…”If you don’t want to be a candle, quit putting your wick in the wax!…You know what happens to all candles, eventually…don’t you!!!!”

You can only push a person around for so long, until they break! This is a game to you

Manfred…like everything else in your life….and you will win. But, to me…and everyone else you have ever wronged…you are nothing but a LOSER.

All God wanted me to do is get my life together, right the rest of my wrongs and move forward with his plans for me. I don’t deserve the honor of bringing down one of the biggest criminals this state will ever see…I have no room to criticize or judge, considering what I have done in my past. That just it, this is Gods plan for me!

When you paid those bullies to picket against me…one of your signs said, “Sick a fork in it Engrid Lirette, you are done.” Well, I hope your wife sticks a fork in your “Thingie”….so that you NEVER consider Sexually Harassing, Molesting or Raping another female…ever again!





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