Classic Collision Atlanta #711

Posted on 02. Aug, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


So…I have slept for several nights in a row…several times. What that does for me mentally, is priceless. Somehow though…the back pain is getting worse.

In order to figure out if you’re making progress, you have to constantly monitor yourself.
In my case, I’m fighting life and limb….and I will continue to fight life and limb…to get ME back!

When you’re in misery, it seems like nothing is going to get any better!

Its difficult as HELL to be able to distinguish when you are making progress…

That’s most of the battle. That’s what lands you in these situations, to begin with….

You can’t see the forest for the trees…when there’s serious down poor..

Predators have one thing on their minds….rain, sleet or snow!

Remember that…

You’re trying to see…

They’re trying to devour….

Who do you think will survive???

Why is it so crazy that I have all of these symptoms???

People need to listen up..

Just because it didn’t happen to you…

Doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen!!!!!

I know…keep trying to prescribe a bunch of medicine…that was created for aliments that have nothing to do with what is actually wrong….

And move onto your next lab rat!

I think that the disbelievers and misdiagnosers should be forced to live with “the crazies”…

Before they are allowed to speak or prescribe….

The ends results and our current situations would be much different!


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