Classic Collision Atlanta #721

Posted on 23. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What is it like, to feel so numb inside?

I began to feel odd tingling sensations at the base of my brain..

Think about it. A machine that is equipped to train your brain into thinking that you are not in pain..

Too much of anything is NEVER good.

You are emotionless for days.

Meaning, there are no extremes, either way..

You finally rest but, your body begins to feel as if it could shut down, for days..

even after you have slept for 10+ hours…

Some would say that that is too much rest..

If you had only slept a few days, each month…for months…

Would your body crave rest..

Can you really miss out on weeks/months of sleep…and, whala….you’re cured after sleeping every night, for almost two weeks straight…

Were supposed to eat well, rest, exercise, associate with good people..

Life is not supposed to be about constantly recovering from abuse, looking over one shoulder, total distrust and isolation ..

You can become so numb that you can trick yourself and others into thinking that you’re happy..

Only because no one want to hear about “IT” anymore…

Then, one day….it creeps up and starts eating at you like a slow leak..

Then, that leak has spread everywhere and you’re going in circles..

trying to clean it up..

After all, its not as if you spilled a glass of milk..

Its like a crack in the wall of a damn…that wasn’t discovered…until it was too late..

It will only seem impossible and endless, to repair…



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