Classic Collision Atlanta #726

Posted on 18. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I finally had a good dream.

It was neat. There was a surprise trip..

The trip consisted of only a few days but,

Everything about it was going to be GREAT…

Its because my expectations wouldn’t be unrealistic..

There would be no one there to entertain..

Every time I turned around….

There was another amazing garment, with a Goodwill sized price tag on it…

When I reflect on it now..

It would be something normal..

And everyone around me, currently agrees…
I don’t know what normal is…

Having obtainable goals is nice..

The world thinks there is a magic pill for this..

There isn’t..

The cure is finding out who you are..

Finding out what didn’t work, and why…

And staying away from toxic people and situations…



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