Classic Collision Atlanta #727

Posted on 17. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had a conversation with someone yesterday. I had actually already had that same conversation…with that same person…months ago. This time, it had a different ending…only because my situation had changed…once again…and I wanted this new Doctor to know how I have been dealing with my new found stress.

The other day…I took my sunglass case out of a compartment, in order to place my sunglasses in them…only to discover that they were already on there. I had put them in the case…when I sat in my car…which was about two minutes…prior to that….

I know that electric shock therapy is performed on people…and from what I have heard, many people do not remember things that happened to them, prior to their treatment….

I feel that this is a mini version of that..

If this machine trains your body to think that its not in pain..

Cant it cause memory loss too????

Why am I still in pain? I have been using it since mid 2011.

Do not get me wrong! This machine has saved my life..

I used to wrap my day up at 11a.m…

Now, I can extend it until 2-3p.m….

I’m just looking at the pros and cons of different treatments…

This, by far…I think….should be a doctors drug of choice…

Pretty sad, huh..

Your whole life revolving around whether you can close your eyes at night…



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