Classic Collision Atlanta #729

Posted on 15. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


All last week..

I thought to myself that I would love to go away somewhere and heal..

I cant afford that..

I look at rich people and I look at poor people..

A rich person has nearly destroyed my life..

because, he thinks he had a right to do so..

without taking responsibility…

That same person hates poor people..

because many of them think that they’re entitled to what the rich people have..

How about this….

I don’t give a damn about people who think that they should be entitled to what others have..

because of their social standing..

How about people taking responsibility for their actions…

unless they are incapable…

If Manfred had raped a woman who was well to do..

she probably would not have spoken of this..
and she would have gone to a treatment facility to recover..

Well, this is my treatment..

This is my therapy..

For whatever reasons, God gave me the ability to have what everyone else has..

Yet, he made sure I landed here…

so that the strength I do have….could be used for this..

We’re not all meant to have everything everyone else has..

We’re not all meant to conquer everything..

We’re given exactly what we need..

To conquer what we are meant to conquer…

We all have different purposes and different gifts…

My gift is that others may not have to endure what I have..



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