Classic Collision Atlanta #747

Posted on 27. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had a dream last night..

a repeat of a dream that I had last week but, forgotten….

I had a dream that Manfred’s wife called me..

in the end.

All I could think to myself is..

Why in the Hell would she call me?

Then, I forgot..

Males will lie about “it“..

Females will usually tell the truth…

So, females approach other females..

when it comes to “finding out the real deal”..

Then, males turn around and twist the in formation so much..

that the female doesn’t know if she’s coming or going!

Isn’t it sad….

The male who promised to protect and honor you..

may be the last person in the world…

you can actually trust!

I guess one of Manfred Kammerer’s Hitler videos portrayed it best!!!

I will simply be seen as the whore who broke up Manfred’s Nazi brigade!!

Here to Rape, Pillage and Discriminate against others!

Yeah, that’s something to be proud of….

He’s going to turn 70, this year…

And he’s still acting like an Elementary School, playground bully…



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