Classic Collision Atlanta #759

Posted on 15. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Today….7/28/14…I forwarded an email to Manfred Kammerer’s Internet attorney.

I thought that maybe the attorney was not representing him any longer. I thought that Manfred Kammerer had chosen to believe that this is all behind him. Why shouldn’t he? This hasn’t nearly destroyed his life. It was something that merely amused him, until he moved onto his next victim.

This last weekend, I emailed Manfred’s business attorney, my old boss and the person who works directly under the CFO of Classic Collision. They are all familiar with this situation. Two of them were present while I was employed at Classic Collision of Chamblee, GA.

This is simply my trail, in the event that Manfred Kammere decides to behave in a manner that is underhanded.

I informed them that I would be happy to send them directions to the Cobb County Courthouse. It appears that they haven’t been able to locate it…to file a slander suit against me…which is what I’ve been begging for…since May 2011.

May NO OTHER FEMALE EVER have concerns…. about having no leg to stand on…in the event that she is sexually harassed by Manfred Kammerer.

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