Classic Collision Atlanta #766

Posted on 08. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I have been very happy…

Although, my back pain has increased and waking up every night between 12-2a.m., for hours and my stress level is through the room!

I feel like I deserve to breathe oxygen!

That is huge!

I was happy for one week, straight..

Then, I found out that someone I love dearly had died..

That someone needed help and had asked for my help..

Everyone else had been through so much with this person..

I think they had given up..

Sometimes, you can help someone but your heart is not in it..

That is because you don’t believe that they can change..

Some people cant..

This person couldn’t get rid of someone who behaved very much like the person I have been screaming about, for the last 750+ posts..

I couldn’t help them because they were in the same county..

that assisted the same person that assisted the person who raped me..

What would it look like..

if I were witnessed in the mix..

of things in which I no longer partake..

and the police in that county were called!

I don’t take that lightly…

This person was so kind to me..

This person was the perfect victim..

And it landed them in a grave..

Much like I thought I would and very likely still will..

But, that won’t be today!



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