Classic Collision Atlanta #768

Posted on 06. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Is it better surround yourself by anyone..

just to have company and not be alone?

Its amazing how many people I warned..
The ones who acted the toughest, ran for the hills..

I’m sorry for that..

I would constantly beat myself up because I was worried that they could get hurt too,..

Now, those who ran…

obviously have the most to fear!

Remember, Manfred Kammerer could fill the new stadium with dirt that he could dig up on me and my past!

That is why he Manfred should have left me alone..

He can afford a new car..

but, he cant afford to sue me…

What’s he doing picking on this heap?

Oh, I get it..

Its because after he destroys it/me once and for all..

he can say that I’m worth nothing ..

and he gets to think that a jury will look at me and think that I deserved what I got..

Bring it on!

I’m not worried about having to reveal any of my history..

It s the exact reason I couldn’t afford any of this, to begin with!!!!

Whatever price tag you have written in Manfred’s mind..

Multiply it times a billion..

Now, go and play your games..

and continue to believe that I can bought..

as all of the others were..

When you wake up, maybe you’ll accept the fact that Im not like the others…

God told me that this would take a total of ten years out of my life..

That didn’t include moving on..

That, to me, sounds like the same amount of time it would take for a court case to take place..

Time will tell…



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