Classic Collision Atlanta #775

Posted on 30. May, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I was going through my documents the other day…

and I discovered the Cease and Desist order…

It was written on September 26, 2011…

It stated that if I didn’t stop, I would be sued..

Do you know what its like to be chased around a desk by a creep who would have had you… killed, had you not filed a police report against him?

Do you know what its like to be threatened…

by a male because of his actions?

The other day, someone told me that they could use 25 of me in combat…

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

This male has broken the law and DeKalb County helped participate

Classic Collision mamangement is first in line, then comes Manfred Kammerer, next DeKalb County, then Manfred’s bullies and his family members!

That is the order, in which I will be handing out awards!

They should be prepared to stand up and take a bow!

Manfred, how much money have you spent on trying to bully me?

The dirt that others now have on you, alone..

surely would exceed the amount it would have cost you to sue me..

Then, I see that you’ve purchased a new building in Sandy Springs, Buford?, Cobb and Woodstock…

Yes, you can spend millions on making yourself look good..

You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on prosecuting employees who have stolen from the company..

yet, you cannot spare the amount of change, that could probably be found in your sofa cushions..

to sue someone who is threatening your sparkling reputation..

You are a bully, a criminal, a rapist and a liar!

Here we are, three years later…

And you are still as big a bag of hot air, as you ever were!



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