Classic Collision Atlanta #822

Posted on 13. Apr, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Today (9/21/14) I read an email that I had received this week…

It was from a lady that runs an organization..

that assists abuse victims..

when they are taken from their homes..

I had attended a class last week..

in hopes of volunteering there..

as soon as there were some availabilities..

I asked her is I was ready to volunteer…

or am I still too emotional….

She told me that I had answered my own question…

So, you see..

everyone has their ideas of how a victim is supposed to behave…

and how long its supposed to take them to recover…

I have had no physical or verbal contact with Manfred Kammerer since 2010..

He stopped bulling me on 4/21/14…

Things are worse than ever before….

Its no longer ass visible as it was..

That is, until I open my mouth….



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