Classic Collision Atlanta 90 to Nothing! #235

Posted on 03. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Do you know how good it be exhausted…in a good way? I am exhausted because I am learning to kick crap to the curb…before it steals years, months and days from my life.

I went from 90 to nothing , in five days, here recently.

Older is better! I do not miss this shit…and I do not have to!

The thing that amazes me the most is…there are people out there that can have their cake and eat it too…they cannot even do that right. Then again…at some point in time…we all had to realize…is that what we really want? Are they screwing things up, in order to get caught? Until then…go play with someone your own size…that might straighten your ass out!

I am the second female that I know…that has nearly become physically disabled, due to being involved with another person who is toxic. Its amazing how much our health began to improve…once we kicked these people to the curb, like a bad habit.

I’m not saying that all of the pain went away. Oh no, that was just the beginning. Where do you begin….when it comes to clearing up the sight of a train wreck?

I don’t know that I care anymore…I just want to clean up the mess and move on.

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