Classic Collision Atlanta A Fine Gentleman #127

Posted on 13. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Today I said Goodbye to one of the most remarkable men I have eve met.

This man is one of the most intelligent, kind, considerate, hilarious men that I have ever met.

The reason that I am singling him out today is…I met him towards the end of my involvement with Manfred.

No, not all men are bad but, most of the ones that I have been around are disgusting. Even though I participated in my past…cheating is disgusting too. I am a grown up now and I need to spend as much time and energy as I can, NOT behaving in the ways that I used to! So, we have the men that are disgusting because the lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and destroy…then, you have men that are all around good guys but, succumb to temptation on occasion. All in all, I have been around and know that only about 20%-30% of the men on the planet DO NOT CHEAT, LIE OR STEAL. That is sad.

I know that there are bad women out there…I used to be one of them myself. However, I have never been married…and that is because of what I have seen and experienced. I pray that if I ever do marry…that I am in a position to be ALL THAT I CAN BE TO HIM…AND NOT JUST WHEN HE IS PRESENT. That is what people don’t understand. We are supposed to treat our partners…heck, everyone, as if the treatment we were dispensing…would be acceptable as if we were receiving it also.. That is a tough one.

Who cares about all of this? I do! If you don’t like it…read something else.

The friend I am speaking of has shown me that real men do exist. Not all men get off on hurting women. Not all men are out to get what they want from a woman, as a means of “putting another notch in their headboards” or how that woman makes them look in public. Not all men are bad fathers. Not all men take more than they give. Not all man are users.

This man is no where near perfect. However, he has shown me that there are good men in the world.





I cannot be concerned about what anyone else may or may not do, anymore. I received another receipt for a certified letter today. Not a letter to me,. A letter that was returned to me.

When the dust settles, I did what I was supposed to do.

Why would the Smyrna Ploice not accept a certified letter from me? That’s O.K. It is not their jurisdiction. I have said it before, the Smyrna Police Department has been wonderful.

End all end all…there is evidence all over this city as to what Manfred Kammerer has done to me and regarding my case.

Thos who will not longer listen will wish they had. They turned their cheeks just as the filet was served.

I always say that filling up on appetizers is not wise….unless you plan on bringing home the main course in advance.

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