Classic Collision Atlanta A Night To Remember #218

Posted on 20. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


You never know who you are going to meet and what type of impact they might have on your life.

I’ve always prided myself on enjoying people from extremely diverse backgrounds…

As someone stated to me the other day…it appears that I have everything figured out, appearance wise. Once I open my mouth….people’s opinions change  A GREAT DEAL. That’s fine by me.

I really love the fact that…you never know what you may learn…from the person sitting next to you. Maybe from brief observation…your mind will create an entirely different person…only to find…that they are simply Human Beings….just like you and I…just trying to figure it all out!

The table that we had chosen…not knowing that it was going to be the most “Well Connected” table, ended up…not only leading to the head decision maker, who is a freaking hoot…but, we all shared experiences in our lives. I would say that 50% of the people sitting at that table should not have been sitting there…they were survivors of some sort. What a beautiful experience that was!

We look at what a person is wearing and their physical appearance…and our minds determine who they might be…Dang It, Forrest!

I needed last night. Surviving tragedy, of any sort, is never easy. Somehow, someway….

God will plant these little seeds before us…so that we can be reminded…no matter how difficult certain things may be at this moment…there is a good support system out there….you have to have faith….something I think that I had lost, here recently.

What Manfred Kammerer did to me, almost killed me…due to what I had been through, previously, in my life. What God continues to gift me…will help me break free of the prison that I am in.

I keep in mind that Manfred may be building a case against me…and I could very well land myself in an actual prison of some sort. Isn’t is sad that I feel that being in prison is better than being dead…I could land in Hell/Jail for what I am doing, for a period of time or…Hell for an eternity, for committing suicide! My, my selection is less than desirable…wouldn’t you say!

Nearly one year ago…I was on the verge of committing suicide over this…last night…I sat at a table of survivors. I’m glad that I was able to pull myself from the depths of my previous Hell…It was a night to remember!

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