Classic Collision Atlanta Always Trying to Diagnose #280

Posted on 19. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I wanted to think that it was pre menopause. I wanted to blame it on the rain. I often times would rather think that it could possibly anything else…other than this garbage.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall the last time that I survived an entire day…without this mess haunting me.

Manfred, if the abuse increases again…I may begin to post more frequently. Now wouldn’t that be special!!!

I recently revisited  a form of self torture…one that has escaped me for over ten years. Thank you Manfred. If something happens to me…as a result of what you have done to me….involving my harming myself…you will be held responsible.

Hopefully…next time you meet a “Bitch that is OUT THERE”…maybe you will walk away.

The next woman may not be strong enough to survive what I have!

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