Classic Collision Atlanta Beautiful Day #155

Posted on 18. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Wow. I was in a department store today. Just as I had excused myself…in order to look at items that several women were standing in front of…I began to hear bits and pieces of their conversation.

Their conversation was…If we ask for forgiveness…and we are forgiven…where and how does Judgment Day apply? After all, if we ask for forgiveness of our sins…and we are forgiven of those sins…why must we answer to those same sins, again, in the end?

Well, I think that we all know that the conversation went on for quite sometime…and it took several twists and turns.

Needless to say…both women were very beautiful and very spiritual…and had some really good input for me, regarding this situation!

Its amazing how God has changed my life, over night, again…and I am meeting some really beautiful people. It just goes to show you that…no matter how horribly you may have behaved in your past…no matter how badly you may feel about yourself….you can change! I have said it before and I will say it again…if I didn’t change, my behavior was going to land me in a grave…and the changes I have gone through…well, at times it has felt like they were going to kill me too! I have made many mistakes along the way…and I am still learning! I wouldn’t change anything…not even the rape! What happened to me allowed me to see that I deserve better that to be treated like a tampon…by my employer, or anyone else for that matter…just because he thinks he has the right to treat me and others that way…and MOST OF ALL, I wouldn’t past because, I am not big on regret! Its hard enough getting rid of things that damage us to begin with….but, regret…to me…is just another form of torture…and lets face it…there are some things that I am good at that I am really trying NOT to be GREAT at, anymore…self torture rocked my world for a very long time.

Last but not least…

One of the women had mentioned how she had taken an early retirement because her boss had expected her to lie to their superiors regarding a legal matter…and we will just say that she had a Government job…and her degree was in Criminal Justice.

The other woman went through a seven year divorce…just before the divorce was final…this woman said that she couldn’t take it anymore…it was destroying her. She walked away from millions.

Both of these women chose to walk away from people who got off on making others miserable…for the sake of the almighty dollar.

I appreciate the conversations I have had in the last several days with people who have worked for others who expected them to lie and steal….and refused to! Kudos!

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