Classic Collision Atlanta Belated Apology Part One #111

Posted on 27. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I saw you the other day and I know that you saw me.

I have wanted to tell you that I am sorry. I’m not sorry for what I am doing. I am sorry the you are being used too. You seem a descent Human Being, unlike the sorry excuse for a Human Being that is using you.

I think that he knows that the business wouldn’t be near what it is without you…and lets face it, do you really think that things would’ve remained the same, had you stuck with your decision?

Lets face it, either you are or you aren’t. Isn’t it sick that someone could be so selfish that they would talk you into making a decision that would be best for them only….all in the name of profit. This could have been the beginning of the rest of your life.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they have been on his bad side before and he made their lives a living HELL. It only gets worse when it is his fault or fault comes from his territory. From my experience, it usually is…his fault, period. Accepting responsibility is not in his nature. He will always punish the other party. He hurts for sport and punishes for pleasure.

It can’t be fun living under the rule of “Do As We Say and Not As We Do.” You would be killed for behaving in that manner! Trust me, I would know. After all, I’ve yet to see you not turn the head of a female when you walk by…shouldn’t you be able to have a little fun too? That’s part of that JEALOUSY thing. He would hate you for sure. You wouldn’t have to resort to his tactics because, your supply would be endless! You are beautiful baby…all you’d have to do is enter the room!

I’m not saying that you are not cared for or appreciated but, think of what you are worth financially.

Last but not least….I cannot recall the number of times that I have heard that the place would be unbearable without you. There are people there that absolutely love you to pieces…and say that they couldn’t stand working in that Hell Hole, if it wasn’t for you.

So, sue me if you want. It needed to be said. You were always very kind to me and I felt badly that you had to deal with his Bull Shit, again. I’m certain that this is not the first disaster that he has created and it won’t be the last.

Even though you are probably used to it and have yet to ever hear an apology either…I felt like it needed to be said!



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