Classic Collision Atlanta Birthday Boy #120

Posted on 19. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


There is someone I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday. This is the person that I said could very well be a Manfred Kammerer Jr…Yikes! God gave him everything a man could ever want and he has used it to his detriment, most of his life.

He is making progress and that’s what counts. The amazing part is, I have seen people like this change over night. Its insane. I guess if we were all success stories, over night, life wouldn’t be as exciting or rewarding. Unfortunately, the overnight success stories’ demons revisit and they digress….making everyone around them miserable and the Devil HAPPY AS HELL! The important thing is…GET UP, DUST YOURSELF AND MOVE FORWARD..AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…APOLOGIZE TO THE PEOPLE THAT YOU HAVE HURT AND TREAT ALL FUTURE ENDEAVOURS BETTER THAN THOSE YOU HAVE WRONGED IN THE PAST.

Those of us who have hurt a lot of people in our lifetimes could very well have stayed the same. Staying the same is easy…or is it? Its bad enough that some will remember us for having been less than desirable, in our pasts, when we were younger…would you want to be remembered that way, period?

Some of the greatest cons have been some of the smartest, most talented people that I have ever met. Would you want to be remembered for screwing people, all of your life…because you could? Or would you rather be that person that beat the odds. That can be a great challenge too…screwing the Devil. When your screwing others, the Devils is using you…allowing you to believe that there is some great reward…at least it feels that way for the moment. We all know, in time, the Devil is going to do to us what we have done to everyone else…for an eternity.

So, on behalf of the Anti Manfred’s Association, me being the President…I would like to commend my friend for all of his hard work. He is absolutely way too smart and way to talented to be on this Earth…acting like nothing but a GLORIFIED CON MAN!

Every time someone crosses over…I sleep a little bit better…and God is reminded of his purpose. Most of our journeys are crazy and complicated but, that’s part of the journey. Now that I am older, I do not enjoy the destination as much as I tend to enjoy the journey and arrival to my destinations!

Have a wonderful birthday babe! I’m very proud of you. I knew God put us into each others lives for a reason!

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